Vision Of The Company

To become the preferred on-site security company in Trinidad & Tobago by providing quality, superior service to our clients. To consistently improve, modify and remain updated with security protocol to ensure the safety of lives and premises involved. Collectively we will always strive for excellence as we aspire to grow to greatness.

Real security for our world

Starting with a six-man operation, Shield Security has grown to a team of 250 members over the past 15 years. It provides security services to many dynamic businesses and clients’ homes across the island. Shield Security provides thorough and adequate training to all its security guards to assist in performing their duties. Our officers are also trained in the laws of Trinidad and Tobago. We enjoy an enviable track record which is pretty good for a company who has been in existence for 15 years. Lawful facts about Shield Security:

  • Approved Firearm User’s License, November 2011
  • Registered with NIB and Board of Inland Revenue
  • Honor all N.I.S, P.A.Y.E, Heath Surcharge, V.A.T
  • Corporation Tax & Green Levy fund payments
  • Workmen Compensation, Public Liability, Vehicle
  • Insurances, Building Insurances and other